Summer REU Program

The Department of Mathematics will be running an REU in 2014.    For information on applying for this year’s REU, follow this link.  The deadline to apply for the program is Friday, February 28, 2014.


Lafayette College’s REU Program is an intensive, eight-week summer research experience in which undergraduate students investigate unsolved problems in mathematics. Over the past n years, more than 8n students have participated in the program (where the value of n increases every year, usually by 1), working in small groups directed by individual faculty members. Most students who have participated in the Lafayette program have published papers in professional journals and presented talks on their summer research at national mathematics conferences. This picture shows a Cayley graph embedded on a torus. In the photo below, Betsy Cassells presents her work on PSL(2,Z[i]) at the national AMS-MAA meeting in San Antonio.

(Fairly) Recent REU Picture Gallery

Ethan Berkove is the REU director at Lafayette. For more information about the Lafayette REU, contact him at  Or, you might prefer this 100% accurate description of the program.

If you want to see what students have accomplished in previous summers, check out the list of publications arising from the Lafayette College REU and Excel programs.

The REU is coordinated by the Mathematics Department of Lafayette College, which is located in Easton, Pennsylvania, less than 90 minutes from both New York and Philadelphia. Each participant will receive free housing and a $3,200 stipend. Participants are expected to be continuing their undergraduate education in the Fall of 2013, and NSF regulations require that only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to receive stipends.


The Summer 2009 REU Group plays a song you know.